Clean, clear, odour-free water. Free from viruses, bacteria and spores

For the past 30 years and more, Raydar’s UV-systems have been installed on ships and oil platforms, at water works and sewerage plants, in the food and pharmaceutical industries and at hospitals and fish farms, among other things. Raydar has in-depth knowledge and many years’ practical experience of UV-light and its extensive applications. Raydar’s UV-systems provide top-class security and safety in terms of operation and output. Raydar’s purification equipment is based on a technology involving the use of ultraviolet light to purify water. This makes the process environmentally compatible, as no toxic additives need to be used. The chemical composition of the water is not changed and the result can be compared to boiled water.

We both design and produce this disinfection equipment ourselves. These are UV-systems in which we use short-wave ultraviolet light on a wavelength of 2537Å (253.7nm). The use of UV to kill bacteria, viruses and other types of micro-organism in drinking water, process water and bath water is a technology that produces excellent results and has been well known for many years.

Drinking water

With our UV-technology, we kill bacteria and other kinds of micro- organism in most types of water. The UV treatment of water is totally risk free. The physical properties of the water are not affected in any way. All we do is to produce water that is completely free from bacteria. In concrete terms, this means that the use of this technology enables us to ensure increased access to water that can be used as drinking water, without people becoming ill. The benefit for human beings and the environment is that we have access to more drinking water that is free from bacteria without damaging the environment by using toxic chemicals.


Vegetable producers, meat preparers and soft-drink manufacturers, to mention just a few of the groups involved in food production, can completely exclude chemicals from their rinsing and production water. If people are made aware of the alternative to chemicals – using UV disinfection to benefit both human beings and the environment – it is also possible to re-use the expensive rinsing water and re-circulate it through a UV-system, thereby saving money and having a positive effect on the environment!